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Happy Cinco de Mayo

May 4, 2012

Just in time for your Cinco de Mayo festivities. Beat the heat and enjoy this delicious and refreshing raspberry margarita. This margarita is so good you may not want to wait until tomorrow. Try having one tonight. I know I will!

Fun fact: Did you know that Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day? Cinco de Mayo is actually the celebration of the Mexican army’s victory against French forces at the Battle of Puebla way back in 1862. Mexican Independence Day is celebrated on September 16.

Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget to enjoy responsibly. Cheers!

The Robey Raspberry Frozen Margarita


4 oz. Of your favorite Margarita Mix

2 oz. raspberry puree

2 oz. Wholesome Sweeteners Light Blue Agave Syrup

2 oz. Of your favorite tequila

2 oz. Grand Marnier

1 oz. Triple Sec

2 oz. Chambord

Optional: Wholesome Sweeteners Fair Trade Organic Sugar to rim glasses & Limes for garnish.

Directions :

Add all ingredients to blender. Add ice to fill blender, leaving about 1 inch space at the top (this is to prevent spills).  Blend until desired consistency is achieved. Pour and enjoy responsibly!

Yields 1 pitcher-4 drinks. A special thanks goes out to Wholesome Sweeteners employee and master mixologist Melissa for this awesome recipe!!

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